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To Royal Weddings, Auckland Premiere Decoration house for Weddings & Events.

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If you are looking for wedding and event decorations, from a simple tablearrangement to a grand custom wedding stage,you have arrived at the right place.
With over 8 Years of experience and over 600 events decorated, Royal Weddings have the knowledge to turn your visions into reality.

Wedding Reception Decorations– Step 1 Choose a Backdrop

Great Starting Point

When planning your event decorations the best place to start is your stage backdrop. Even if you choose not to have any other decor this will atleast provide a great focal point for the day and provide good pictures to be viewed in the future. Royal Weddings can setup backdrop systems from 3m to 18m.Whether you choose to have a simple white backdrop with fairy lights or a draped backdrop, the option is yours. Further LED uplights can be added to enhance the backdrop even further.

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Wedding Reception Decorations – Step 2 Choose a Custom Wedding Stage

Taking things Up a Notch

Add the X Factor to your event décor and choose a Royal Weddings Custom Stage setup. With so many options to choose from you will be blown away with the end result.

Click Here To View our Range of Wedding Stages.

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Wedding Reception Decorations – Step 3 Choosing your Linen

The Difference between a Half and Fully Decorated Venue

Considering the venue floor generally makes up approximately 70% of the entire venue, the way you decorate your furniture can have a huge impact on the overall look of the event and pictures taken by photographers. By covering the tables and chairs you create blank canvas from which to work from. Now you can add some colour to really make things look amazing whether it be subtle or strong.

Click Here To View our Chair Covers & Table Linen

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Wedding Reception Decorations – Step 4 Choosing your Table Centrepiece

A Very important Feature

Your guests will be seated and facing the table centrepiece for a large part of the function. As such a table centrepiece has an important part to play in the overall scheme of things. Also a correctly matched table centrepiece will compliment all the rest of the décor and the event. Whether it is tall or short, narrow or wide, floral or crystal a centrepiece will enhance your floor décor dramatically.

Click Here To View our Range of Table Centrepieces.

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Wedding Reception Decorations – Step 5Choose your remaining Venue Decor

Add that Final Touch

Finish your event décor by adding those last few touches which can make all the difference. Whether it is designer bride and groom chairs, a red carpet going down the aisle or a crystal gift box everything you add from this point will finish the event décor of nicely.

Click Here To View our Range of Designer Wedding Furniture

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Wedding & Birthday Venue

Auckland’s Premiere Cultural Wedding Venue

Royal Weddings in conjunction with Manukau Event Centre, decorate and cater for over 10’000 guests every year. Come in and experience New Zealand’s first all in one wedding venue.

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